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  • 2Rivers Marketplace - Retail Incubator

    a place for highly motivated entrepreneurs to refine their retail skills relatively quickly, and to outgrow the shared space to expand sustainably on their own
  • This new development comes after more than a year of research into what the community most needed.  “As we saw that spaces in our historic downtown had potential openings, we investigated the gaps in what wasn’t available in Portland”, said DDA Director Tina ConnerWellman,   “From there, we reached out to our residents and businesses and asked what they shopped for in stores outside of Portland. What would they like to see close to home and would support by taking time to visit on a regular basis?” 

    There is space to bring in a few additional businesses who are ready to test their products in a storefront setting.  Guidelines, criteria and applications are available below.  We try to ensure no duplication of products inside the store. The DDA’s research shows people in the area would welcome farm market type local & natural foods, home décor, craft supplies, repurposed items, cards & gifts, clothing and accessories that might include a gently used or resale boutique.

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