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    Tax Increment Financing


  • STAFF:   Tina Conner Wellman
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    Audit:  For the Year Ending June 30, 2018 the DDA received a 'Clean' Annual Audit
    Contracted Services:  I'm A Beer Hound - BeerFest Organizer/Promoter *  Vegetation Control  *  Clock Maintenance  *  CEDAM - Community Economic Development Assoc. *  Hometown Decoration - HolidayFest  *  Cook Painting Services - Lampposts  *  150 Billboards  * Various Entertainment & Sound Equipment for Events  *  Various Rentals (tents, chairs, tables) for Events 
  • Portland DDA was established in 1987.  It is a designated district with a Board of Directors.  The main focus is to utilize tax dollars to prevent deterioration and to promote economic growth.  Plans include construction, renovation, repair, remodeling, and rehabilitation of public facilities and multi family dwellings within the district. The current TIF Plan was developed in 2014 and extends to 2038.  Our funds to finance projects within the district come from taxes, event revenue, sponsorships, loans and grants.  

  • The current TIF Plan was developed with extensive community outreach and input, it reflects additional desired improvements withing the district, and also shows the retirement of debt and obligations which were outstanding at the time the plan was put together.  

    DDA Board Meetings are held at 7pm on the 4th Mondays of each month.  These meetings are held in the evenings to accommodate and encourage public participation of business & property owners, employees, and residents of the district.

  • Budget Years run from  July 1 through June 30
  • REVENUE: Derived from Taxes, BeerFest, Sponsorships & Misc.


    2018-2019 Year End Revenue            $ 357,777.65

    2019-2020 Budgeted Revenue           $ 334,742.50    


  • EXPENSES:  Employment, maintenance services, promotions, business enhancement, design services, organizational expenses, events, engineering & contractual services, office equipment & supplies, lamppost painting & purchase, education & training, facades, misc.

    2018-2019 Year End Expenses          $ 206,284.99

    2019-2020 Projected Expenses         $ 266,807.00


  • Encumbered Funds:  savings reserved for future infrastructure projects:

    2019-2009                                  $ 300,000
    Splash Pad with Toan Park renovation 2020-2021, 

    Moving forward towards possible Kent Streetscape and utility upgrade  2022-2023
    Funds from our net of fiscal years ending in 2018 & 2019 as well as from a beginning fund balance of $ 84,000

    Unencumbered Fund Balance: Unplanned emergency & maintenance projects as well as upcoming TIF projects

    2018-2019 Year end Projected      $   98,356

  • Accomplishments, Projects and Investments:

    Portland City Hall debt paid in full 2018   *   Grant proposal submitted for Splash Pad   *   Lighting of Veteran's Memorial Bride & Paint Maintenance   *   New Street Lights on Water St & Repainting of 75% of the district Lamp Posts   *   Continuation of Facade Incentive Program    *  Continuation volunteer management of Design, Organization, Business Enhancement & Community Promotion   *  Scout Park Renovation   *   Kent St. Clock - all new upgrades   *   Annual Fall Decor   *   District Data Base, Property & Business Inventory   *   District Website  miportland.org - Directory, Calendar, Business & Property Resources, Vibrant Community   *   Downtown seasonal maintenance and custodial schedule   *   Portland Prime Community Gift Certificate Program   *   AmeriCorps VISTA full time Volunteer   *   Sesquicentennial Year of Celebrations & Commemoratives

    12 New Businesses, New Owners, Business Upgrades   *   6 New Volunteers to Regular Programs


  • Events & Promotional Campaigns:

    MiPortland Brand   *   Positively Portland Video   *   Facebook Increased Engagement   *   Instagram & Twitter Increased Promo's   *   Booklet, Trails to State Welcome Centers 

    Our EVENTS:   *Beerfest on the Bridge (Provides funding for Holiday Fest)   *   Holiday Fest  *   Small Business Saturday  *   Sesquicentennial Portland 150

    Events we Participate in to Promo Portland:    iExpo   *   Community Day with Friends of the Red Mill   *   Ionia Free Fair

  • Upcoming Events Upcoming Events