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    Grant Programs

  • Each year the Portland Downtown Development Authority budgets for Façade and Sign Grants to assist property owners with projects including rehabilitation, restoration, window & door repairs, awnings and limited painting & maintenance projects as well as signage.  Regular maintenance or proposed work that compromises the historic integrity of a property is ineligible for funding.  This is a grant reimbursement award, funded at the discretion of the DDA Board and it’s Design Team.  Applicants are subject to various reviews and all awards are subject to funding.

  • Façade Grants

    Portland Downtown’s Façade Grant program has recently been revised. The program is still a voluntary, local grant award to encourage proper treatment of historic properties. It is designed to incentivize projects that follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Eligible properties may receive up to $5,000 toward their project. The grant program requires a 50/50 match and is paid after work is complete and all contractors are paid in full.

    Portland’s Kent St. area was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Historic designation can raise property value and is an important aspect of a community’s economic development. Proper treatment while restoring an historic property may qualify it for state and federal historic tax credits. As a Nationally Registered Historic District, and fully accredited Main Street Program, we adhere to the basic principal of economic development through historic preservation. 

    Please review the links below if you feel your property is a candidate for this special assistance. 

    We are excited to offer this program and encourage you to Contact Us with any questions, or for any assistance on your project. 

  • Sign Grants

    Are available in both the Main Street Program District and the DDA District. This program seeks to bridge the gap in cost between unattractive signage and highly functional, attractive signs that complement and create more attractive DDA & Main Street business districts. It is important to note that sign ordinances differ in Portland’s historic Main Street District in order to preserve historic character. Please review sign ordinances carefully prior to applying. The intent of the program is to support creative, three-dimensional signage. Replacement signs of similar construction and quality, or duplications of existing signs with minimal changes, may not qualify for the incentive.

    The Sign Incentive Program will provide a matching grant of 50% of the total cost of an approved sign, up to a maximum of $1,000 per applicant. Sign incentive awards must be approved by the Design Team prior to sign purchase or installation.

    Please review the links below if you feel your business is a candidate for a sign incentive. 

    We are excited to offer this program and encourage you to Contact Us with any questions, or for any assistance on your sign project. 

  • State of MI and Federal Incentives

    Through our partnerships with Michigan Main Street Program and Redevelopment Ready Communities, we are always able to stay on top of current and new funding opportunities, how they apply to you, and how you can access the best resources. Matching grants, blight elimination, crowdfunding, building acquisition and RENTAL REHABILITATION are some of the programs we can connect you to in order to leverage available financing. Certain projects with greater historic significance that follow the Secretary of Interior’s Standards may be eligible for state and federal tax credits. These are all programs designed to create vibrant communities and enhance sense of place while retaining the feel of traditional downtowns.

    Please Contact Us for your proposed project or with any questions. 

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