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    Amy Thomas
    Volunteer -Amy Thomas
    Diana Haney
    Art - Retirement Volunteer
    Boy Scout Cub Scout
    Boy Scout / Cub Scout
    Pam (Cub) Home
    Charles Dumas
    Tutt Gorman
    City Manager - Portland
    Terry Frewen
    Coldwell Banker Frewen Realty
    Michelle VanSlambrouck
    Diane Bytwerk
    Kory Blastic
    Edward Jones
    Duane Bower
    Epic Community Church
    Lead Pastor
    Michaela Marks
    Escape Rooms Portland Michigan
    Co-owner, Escape Rooms Portland Michigan
    Noreen Logel
    Friends of the Red Mill
    Joel VanSlambrouck
    G & B Pool and Spa Supply
    Julie Clement
    The Clements
    Kathy Parsons
    Grider-Portland Agency Insurance
    Heather Wiborn
    Sara Badgero
    Independent Bank
    Jon VanSlambrouck
    Jon Vanslambrouck
    Kathy Ness
    Goose Creek Tree Farm
    Chamber Director
    Kimberly Hinds
    Elle Lehman
    Lehman Funeral Home
    Leigh Young
    MMS - Organization Specialist
    Organization Specialist
    Leo Madarang
    Madarang & Hoort Law, PLLC
    Marji Boynton
    Jim Barnes
    Mayor Jim Barnes
    Jennifer Biddle
    Michigan Steel and Trim
    Joe Robbe
    Mount Hope Church
    Tim Fuller
    Windy Brook Services & Opera Block Properties
    Bernie Pelc
    PCMI - METS - WillSub
    Alex Moore
    Perennial Financial
    Greg Greenhoe
    Portland Area Chamber of Commerce
    Michael Judd
    Portland Community Orchestra
    Cory Grimminck
    Portland District Library
    Tina ConnerWellman
    Portland Downtown
    Managing Director - Portland Downtown

    It is my pleasure and honor to serve the Portland community.  I am a graduate of Spring Arbor University with a Bachelors in Business Administration.  My experience is in strengthening business communities, providing resources and collaborating with local, regional and state organizations.  I focus on facilitating programs and activities that offer a positive sense of place for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

    My husbands and mothers families have been in Portland for generations and we maintain strong family ties here. I look forward to putting my energy, dedication and experience to work building a stronger, more vibrant MiPortland with the help of engaged community members such as yourself.  

    Eric Proctor
    Quarterline Media
    Sara Pohl
    Randy Hodge
    St. Patrick School
    Patty Coleman
    Summit Digital
    Tom Antaya
    Toms Food Center & Pharmacy
    Margery Briggs
    Two Rivers Counseling & Consulting
    David Reed
    VFW of Portland MI
    Jason Williamson
    Portland Family Chiropractic
    Rush Clement
    The Clements
    Danielle Jorae
    Vicki Williamson
    Portland Family Chiropractic
    Lisa Pung
    Consumers Energy
    Stacy Stacy Adams
    Cutting Edge
    Mandy Johnston
    Sandborn Real Estate
    Dana Hengsbach
    Volunteer -DanaHengsbach
    Marcia Griffin
    Volunteer -MarciaGriffin
    Brenda & Jody Watts
    Volunteer (2) -Brenda & Jody
    Jennifer Frewen
    Volunteer -JenniferFrewen
    Barbara Hall
    Volunteer -BarbaraHall
    Debbie Green
    Volunteer -DebbieGreen
    Shannon Lutz
    Volunteer -ShannonLutz
    Debra McClung
    Volunteer -DebraMcClung
    Julie Dumas
    Volunteer -JulieDumas
    Sue Martin
    Volunteer -SueMartin
    David Palme
    Volunteer -DavidPalme
    Community Fund
    David Antaya
    Volunteer -DavidAntaya
    Tom's Food Center
    Stephanie & Alex Brown
    Volunteer (2) - Stephanie & Alex
    Dave Rainone
    Volunteer -DaveRainone
    Dan & Angela VanderKooi
    Volunteer -Angie
    Coral Fish
    Volunteer -CoralFish
    Barb Werner
    Volunteer -BarbWerner
    Lucas Simon
    Volunteer -LucasSimon
    MIke & Casie Bayless
    Volunteer (2) - Mike & Casie
    Jim & Sheryl VanGoor
    Volunteer (2) - Jim & Sheryl
    D'laney ConnerWellman
    Volunteer -D'laney CW
    Greg & Kathy Greenhoe
    Volunteer (2) - Greg & Kathy
    Alyssa Sherman
    Volunteer- Alyssa Sherman
    Relay 4 Life
    Kenny Hartwick
    Volunteer -KennyHartwick
    Kim Nelson
    Volunteer - Kim Nelson
    Jeremy Nelson
    Volunteer - JeremyNelson
    Corey Parkhurst
    Volunteer -CoryParkhurst
    Michelle Giannini
    Volunteer - Michelle Giannini
    Madison Adams
    Volunteer - Madison Adams
    Jason Buddu
    Volunteer - Jason Buddu
    Terese Simon
    Volunteer - Terese Simon
    Erin Sharp
    Volunteer - Erin Sharp
    Casey Eckert
    Volunteer -CaseyEckert
    James Townsend
    Portland Beacon, The
    Eve Fox
    Portland United Methodist Church
    Office Administrator
    Luke Sundeen
    Volunteer - Luke Sundeen
    Marsha Almy
    Studio 176
    Andrea Gleason
    St. Patrick School
    Coordinator Youth Ministry
    Lauren Rodewald
    Community Relations / Owner
    Gary Coleman
    First Baptist Church
    Angie Beckhold
    Volunteer -Angie Beckhold
    Shirley Teachout
    Design - Shirley Teachout
    Sean Thompson
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