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  • Business Enhancement

    This group provides the kind of support that both existing and potential downtown property owners and businesses need to thrive.  They work to stabilize our downtown, draw in new investors, and increase property values.  Strengthening Portland MI existing business base, while also opening doors and clearing pathways to expand it.

    Portland MI Economic WorkshopFocusing on:

    Business Development Team meets with the Design Team on the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4-5pm at City Hall

  • Design Team

    Town Clock - Portland MIThe Design Team is charged with enhancing the physical appearance of downtown Portland MI by focusing on historic preservation, public improvements, lighting, signage, storefronts and landscaping. 

    Projects that are overseen by this team include:

    The Design Team meets with the Business Enhancement Team on the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4-5pm at City Hall. 

  • Organization & Finance Team

    The O & F team works toward building a broad-based support system for the revitalization of downtown Portland MI by recruiting volunteers, raising funds, overseeing the budget and budget planning, and promoting the Portland Downtown Mission. 

    We Want YOU in Portland MIO & F Project work:

    • Budget
    • Beerfest on the Bridge
    • Fund Development
    • Volunteer Recruitment & Appreciation
    • Board Recruitment
    • Goal Setting & Planning

    The Organization & Finance Team meets with the Marketing & Promotion Team on the 4th Monday of each month 6-7pm at City Hall

  • Marketing Team  #miportland

    The Marketing team is responsible for promoting our downtown’s assets, enhancing its image, and supporting special events to build a fun and exciting atmosphere for residents, visitors and businesses – giving people a reason to come downtown, linger and enjoy what is special about Portland.

    Local Is Where "It's" At in Portland MI#miportland Signature Events

    Other Great Events Supported by Portland MI Downtown

    • Civic Players Live Theatre
    • Saturday Farmers Market, Friends of the Red Mill
    • Memorial Day Parade
    • Arts Council Thursdays on the Grand
    • St. Pats Summerfest
    • 4th of July by Portland Chamber of Commerce
    • Red Mill Community Day
    • Labor Day Bridge Walk – Portland Parks & Rec
    • Fall Festival – St. Pat’s
    • Historic Cemetery Tour – Portland Historical Society
    • Spooktacular – Portland District Library
    • Haunted Red Mill

    This team meets with the Organization Team the 4th Mondays of each month 6-7pm at City Hall

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